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Brows & Lashes

Eyebrow Tidy (middle + underneath) | $30

Eyebrow Sculpt (middle + underneath + top) | $33

Eyebrow Rehab| $68

Eyebrow Tidy + Lip | $45

Eyebrow Sculpt + Lip | $48

Henna brows | $60

Eyebrow Tidy + Henna |$80

Eyebrow Sculpt + Henna | $83

Eyebrow Tint | $25

HD brow tint | $45

Eyelash Tint | $30

Eyebrow Tidy + Eyebrow Tint + Eyelash Tint | $75

Eyebrow Sculpt + Eyebrow Tint + Eyelash Tint | $78


This treatment involves precision eyebrow correcting where your brows will be measured up to perfection and you will be shown in the mirror where we need to grow and remove hairs so we can aim to correct even the worst eyebrow nightmare. This also includes a brow tint, waxing and tweezing finishing with a touch of concealer.

A tailored treatment where we shape your brows using waxing and tweezing techniques and if required trimming also. You have the option to conceal redness with our mineral makeup.

Henna is a semi permanent natural alternative to tinting which contains plant pigment from the Hina tree being applied to your perfectly measured eyebrows. The perfect shade is tailored to your eyebrow colour and can last up to 6 weeks.
HD BROWS | $45

Our HD brows evenly tints both skin and hair with its highly pigmented dye, giving intense, graphic and bright results lasting up to 7 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on hairs.
LASH LIFT | $120

This treatment lifts your natural lashes from the root to create a natural and subtle look that will both add the illusion of length to your lashes, as well as making your eyes appear bigger. Results last 8-10 weeks and doesn't damage lashes. This includes a hydrating treatment to lock in moisture and a complimentary eyelash tint to enhance results.